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Projects of the Wau Holland Foundation (WHS)



Project descriptions:


GNOME.org The Wau Holland Foundation supports the free and open-source desktop system GNOME and collects European donations for the project. The donations are spent in coordination with the GNOME project, especially for organizing European events related to the Friends of GNOME project.


Moral courage

WHS The Wau Holland Foundation promotes and supports moral courage in the digital realm. Donations for this project will be allocated to campaigns for hunted whistle-blowers, journalists and (political) hacktivists based on needs by the foundation board. More...


Informational Self-determination

WHS Project Area 06 of the Wau Holland Foundation covers activities for informational self-determination and against data retention and surveillance.

As commercial "social" network services like Facebook abuse user-contributed contents and personal information as an asset to gain financial profit, the Wau Holland Foundation funds projects like SecuShare, Unhosted, GnuNet and Psyc that support the information self-determination of the users in social networks.


secushare.org ( webm  |  mp4)



WHS In the project domain 05, titled in German "AlphaBITisierung", the Wau Holland Foundation funds educational activities and projects that promote a responsible handling of new media and technology.

In this context the Wau Holland Foundation has financed the first meeting of the CCC-related project "Chaos goes to School" as well as several workshops with soldering equipment and electronics for kids on the Dresden based event "Datenspuren"" (data traces).


Chaos macht Schule ( webm  |  mp4)

MTKJ / pb.re.pc ( webm  |  mp4)

RaumZeitLabor ( webm  |  mp4)

CCC Zürich () webm  |  mp4)

CCC Schweiz ( webm  |  mp4)


Enduring freedom of information (WikiLeaks)

WikiLeaks WikiLeaks is a publication platform to anonymously publish documents which are of public interest. The project wants to support those who want to expose unethical behaviour or activites in their own government’s or corporation’s. A system for mass publication of information and analytics which does not allow identification of sources has been created. Wikileaks started in 2006.

Wau Holland Foundation supports Wikileaks in fulfilling the goal of freedom of information and funds operational costs of the servers providing the publishing platform as well as journalistic research and aggregation of material, publication activities as well as reimbursement of travel costs and funding for those engaged on the base of greenpeace-standard rates.


Decentralized communication networks

TOR-Projekt Wau Holland Foundation supports and funds the operational costs (Hardware + running costs) for Decentralized communication networks that focus on the anonymity/privacy of their users. Among others the XMPP Instant Messaging platform "jabber.ccc.de" operated by the Chaos Computer Club is funded.


Anonymity networks


To support Internet users in executing their right of informational self-determination, the Wau Holland Foundation is engaged in supporting various projects that enable the anonymous use of Internet services. Donations for these projects are managed by the Wau Holland Foundation and are spent in coordination with the corresponding project team. As an example the Wau Holland Foundation supports the European network nodes of the Tor Project and the coordination among its operators.


Campaign against Voting Computers

>Campaign against Voting Computers In Germany’s federal elections in September 2005, the government used electronic voting computers by the Dutch company NEDAP. The integrity of the electoral counting process could not be verified in a public manner. The use of voting computers is subject to heavy debate due to the various possibilities for manipulation. The public trust in voting computers is undermined.

The Chaos Computer Club therefore leads in cooperation with the Wau Holland Foundation, a campaign to challenge the legality of voting computers. For the campaign, research was conducted and the results documented on the manipulability of voting computers. Through Freedom of Information Act inquiries, the publication of the costs structures and financial interests in the procurement processes are exposed. The campaign also takes legal steps against the use of electronic voting computers due to their untrustworthiness.


Donation to the Wau Holland Stiftung

Wau Holland Stiftung Charitable contributions (made without project specification) to the Wau Holland Foundation assist us in our work lending support to projects as well as help foster the mission of the Foundation. The decision which projects or venues are to be financially supported lies ultimately at the discretion of the Board of Trustees of the Foundation. Contributions can foster smaller projects or fund accommodation costs, travel costs for speakers attending CCC-Congresses. Additionally there are in-house projects such as the 'Hacker Archive':



Hacker Archive (archive of contemporary technology)

hacker archive width= When asked "Doesn't the prospect that the Chaos Computer Club is being bugged by intelligence agencies and the like make you angry?" Wau Holland replied with a smile: "No, they are archiving for my grandchildren" (link)

Whether such an archive now actually exists or not, we do not know, but that does not really matter if it is not publicly accessible. There's got be more remains from a time in which hackers had decisively influenced the (German) computer culture. In any case, more than a couple of fading memories, a few television films, some books coupled with plenty of myths and legends. It should of course, be made publicly accessible.

The Wau Holland Foundation and the Chaos Computer Club would like to endeavour in this joint project, to create such an archive, an archive of the hacker movement. The project is based on the long-term and is divided into several sub-regions as well as in time periods. There will be two archive-areas, the physical and the electronic archive.



About us

We are a foundation related to the Chaos Computer Club, that was launched by close friends and the father of the deceased "information philosopher" Wau Holland (a.k.a. Herwart Holland-Moritz). The foundation aims to preserve and further Holland's unique ideas of free-thinking in the fields of freedom of communication and informational self-determination.


Wauland is everywhere!