Australian parliamentarians call for the release of Julian Assange

In a full-page ad commissioned by the Wau Holland Foundation in the September 19th, 2023 edition of the Washington Post, 64 parliamentarians from Australia call for an end to the prosecution and planned extradition of Julian Assange to the United States.

The ad is also intended to support the Australian delegation traveling to the U.S. later in September to convey to the U.S. administration the demand to end what they see as the disproportionate harshness of the U.S. justice system against Julian Assange:

We agree entirely with the position expressed by the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese who said in the House of Representatives on 22 May 2023 that “enough is enough when it comes to the ongoing incarceration of Julian Assange and that nothing is served from the ongoing incarceration of Julian Assange.”

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