Events on freedom of the press and WikiLeaks

The Wau-Holland-Foundation - in cooperation with the Linke Medienakademie e.V. organizes a series of events on the topics of freedom of the press, repression in journalism and whistleblowing. All discussions will take place at Franz-Mehring-Platz 1 in Berlin and will also be streamed online. Admission is free of charge!

Wikileaks and the trial of Julian Assange

Sun 10/15/2013, 19:00 - 20:30 / Admission 18:45 (in the salon of FMP1 in livestream)

What were the WikiLeaks revelations about? Why is the case of Julian Assange a warning signal for press freedom? And what is the status of his trial today? We invite you to a film screening and a background discussion with a focus on previous and current developments of the repression in the WikiLeaks case. The trial of Julian Assange’s trial will be examined chronologically on the basis of key events, especially with regard to the current political situation. The background discussion provides the opportunity for in-depth discussion, questions and debate.

FILM: The war on journalism - the case of Julian Assange [OmeU] 40 min. (directed by Juan Passarelli)

In conversation:

Veronika Nad: Veronika is an ethnologist and activist for freedom of freedom of expression, press and internet. With the international organization Blueprint for Free Speech, she led a campaign to introduce EU-wide whistleblower protection, and campaigned for campaigned for Assange’s release. Today, with the Disruption Network Lab, she promotes public debate and exchange on socially relevant relevant topics at the intersection of art, technology and politics.

Daniel Lücking: Daniel works as a research assistant in an office of a member of the German parliament, as well as further part-time as an editor at “nd”. As a former Bundeswehr officer he is particularly interested in whistleblowers from security agencies.

Freedom of the press and repression in journalism

26.10.23, 19:00 - 20:30 / Admission 18:45 (in the salon of FMP1 in Livestream)

What about freedom of the press? Where are repressions intensifying? And what can we do about it? In the discussion, an arc is drawn between national and international cases, which will be followed by an informative will be accompanied by an informative panel discussion. Invited are journalists, NGO representatives for press freedom and experts on the experts on the WikiLeaks case.

Panel: Veronika Nad, Annegret Falter, Ilja Braun

Whistleblowing and disclosure platforms

2.11.23, 19:00 - 20:30 / Admission 18:45 (in the salon of FMP1 in livestream)

How does whistleblowing work? Why is the work of platforms like Wikileaks so relevant and why the handling of that data is data a warning signal for democratic society? In a panel discussion will focus on the significance of the work of and with platforms, legal defense and protection of sources, and the tension between the tension between the critical public and state interests. Experts will speak about the relevance of disclosure platforms in the context of Wikileaks and shed light on their relevance for civil society and democracy.

Panel: Kosmas Zittel and others